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    Contract manufacturing

    For more than 20 years

Laboratoires Phytogénèse provides manufacturing services for beauty products with natural active ingredients: face and body care, body hygiene, hair care, etc.

Our dedicated R&D structure enables us to continuously develop new formulas and drive innovation in the production of bespoke products.

Our industrial site is designed to meet the specific demands of our clients.

Our team attentively listens to your demands and exercises rigour and confidentiality in all the projects we develop on your behalf.

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    Production capacity

    A site spreading over 3,000m2

  • 3 heated planetary mixers ranging from 130 to 2,000kg
  • 3 TURRAX turbo emulsifiers ranging from 40 to 500kg
  • 2 TURRAX in-line turbo emulsifiers on 1,200kg tanks
  • 5 tanks of different sizes with planetary stirrers to produce emulsions ranging from 100 to 1,200kg.
  • 4 melters ranging from 5 to 180kg
  • Several packaging lines including a filling, a banding and a labelling machine
  • Several tube fillers for filling and closing tubes ranging from 5 to 250ml
  • A bagging machine to prepare sample bags ranging from 1 to 5ml.

01 Manufacturing

Tools, equipment and technology

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    Advanced tooling

    Our manufacturing workshop is equipped with several tanks ranging from 40 to 1,100kg creating vacuum and atmospheric conditions, and allowing the mixing and emulsification of our products.

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    Flexible production

    The diversity of our equipment allows for a wide range of production volumes, from pilot-scale to mass-market. We are able to deliver innovative and bespoke solutions while guaranteeing fast and timely service provision.

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    A wide range of products

    We possess the tools required and adapted to all galenic forms to produce all types of cosmetics: liquids, pastes, creams, gels, foams, powders and ointments. Our production is continuously monitored and submitted among others to organoleptic, physical-chemical and microbiological checks.

Recherche cosmétologie laboratoires phytogénèse

02 Conditioning and packaging

A wide choice of packaging

We manufacture all types of packaging: tubes, airless packaging, bottles, jars, sachets, but also provide liquid, oily and pasty products in drums (bulk purchase). Depending on the quantity, we also offer various types of customisation for packaging items: labels, silk-screen printing, offset, colour, etc.

produits cosmétiques Laboratoires Phytogénèse
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    Suited to any volume

    We have automated machines adapted to medium and large sets, but also simple semi-automatic packaging machines for small sets.

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    Quality assurance at all times

    Throughout the manufacturing and packaging process, we take the samples needed and carry out all necessary checks, in particular regarding microbiology, metrology and the good quality of all the elements that make up the finished product.

03 Tailor-made offer

Bespoke services

Our tailor-made offer is perfectly suited to your needs and your market. Our expertise lies in “full service” formulation and manufacturing.


  • Standard formula
  • Standard packaging


  • Standard or bespoke formula
  • Standard or bespoke packaging


  • Bespoke formula
  • Bespoke packaging

04 Quality and regulation

Regulatory know-how

The regulatory framework has considerably changed in recent years, with the obligation to make the product information file (PIF) available to the competent authorities


Scientifique Laboratoire Phytogénèse

We support you in all your regulatory procedures

In accordance with new Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009, which came into force in 2013, LABORATOIRES PHYTOGÉNÈSE is committed to developing formulas that are perfectly in line with the requirements of this new regulation and that of the various countries in which the products are to be distributed.

  • Full product description
  • Implementation of compliance and safety tests
  • Implementation of stability and compatibility tests
  • Validation of decorations
  • Report on the cosmetic product’s safety
  • Creation of the PIF
  • Mandatory notification on the CPNP European portal
  • Storage of all information
  • Updating / Regulatory watch