Coreme Paris

CORÈME PARIS belongs to the world of French Cosmetics and Laboratoires Phytogénèse, and has specialised in phyto-active molecules for over 20 years.

Field: Natural cosmetics

Product ranges: All skin types

Production: France

Coreme Pro

CORÈME PRO has developed 7 ranges of resale products for your daily care in beauty salons.

Field: Natural cosmetics for professionals

Product ranges: All skin types

Production: France

kinecure professionnels de la santé

KINECURE provides a comprehensive range of natural products for health professionals and masseur-physiotherapists.

Field: Health professionals

Product ranges: Muscle, circulatory, joint, slimming and ointment care.

Production: France

Kinecure sport professionnel

From the medical practice to the sports field, KINECURE SPORT provides a wide range of products for the treatment of professional athletes.

Field: Care for athletes

Product ranges: Before, during and after exercise

Production: France

Hygipro problématiques d’hygiène et de désinfection en milieu professionnel

HYGIPRO was born out of the desire to provide our customers with a complete and structured range of products to meet all hygiene and disinfection requirements and guidelines in the workplace.

Field: Hygiene and professional maintenance

Product ranges: Suitable for business premises as well as private homes

Production: France

Biothalys cosmétiques bio

BIOTHALYS is a brand of certified organic cosmetic products, developed and produced by Laboratoires Phytogénèse.

Field: Certified organic cosmetics

Product ranges: Hair, body, facial and hygiene care

Production: France

Sedosyl médecine sportive et kinésithérapie

Compound of reseda extract, a plant known since antiquity for its soothing qualities.

Field: Sports medicine and physiotherapy

Product ranges: Compound of reseda extract

Production: France